Saturday, January 31, 2009

Marymoor Connector Trail Partly Open

Marymoor Connector Trail sign The Marymoor Connector Trail is a 1 ½–mile link that connects the Sammamish River Trail with the East Lake Sammamish Trail. The new trail follows the main road through Marymoor Park until it reaches the model plane airfield. There, it cuts across the park’s wetlands, partly on a raised boardwalk bridge.

With the completion of this trail, this means bicyclists can now ride along the Burke-Gilman Trail in Seattle and continue uninterrupted all the way to Issaquah. The Marymoor Connector Trail is part of King County’s vision for an expanded regional trail system.

Update: The Marymoor Connector Trail officially opened May 14, 2009.

Along the Trail
The trail is a 10’ wide paved trail with ample drainage areas on both sides to help combat water buildup. No doubt rollerbladers will find the perfectly smooth asphalt a delight.

The intersections at parking lots are well marked and include mini stop signs for bicyclists.

Marymoor Connector Trail bicyclist

The scenic wetlands in the east side of Marymoor Park are now opened up by the Marymoor Connector Trail. This is a great place to see wildlife, such as hawks and deer.

Marymoor Trail Connector through the wetlands

At the east end of the Marymoor Trail Connector, the trail connects up with the East Lake Sammamish Trail. However, the surface of the East Lake Sammamish Trail is mostly gravel, so you’ll want to make sure you have the right type of tires for this trail. The Redmond portion of the trail has been recently paved – see The East Lake Sammamish Trail: Paved and Open (updated May 2012).
 Marymoor Trail: east end

Map of Trail Route 
MarymoorTrail_mapFor a map of the Marymoor Connector Trail and other trails, see Regional Trails in King County. For more information about Marymoor Park, see the King County Marymoor Park page. For more info on trails, parks, and outdoor activies throughout King County, see the King County Recreation page.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Puget Sound Tech Universe: A Visual History of the Technology Industry

WTIA_logoThe Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) has recently published a poster which richly illustrates the genealogy of the the Seattle area’s tech industry. At the center of this map are six “galaxies”: Aldus, Amazon, Boeing, McCaw Cellular, Microsoft, and the University of Washington.

Click the following image to display a larger version of the Puget Sound Tech Universe map:

Click for larger view

You can also view an interactive online version of the map. This online version allows you to zoom in/out and pan. You can also search the map using text strings.

About the Map
The map illustrates the genealogy of 711 firms and institutions in the Puget Sound region. Data was gathered through an online survey of technology firms in 2007. The map is part of a Virginia Tech research project that is examining the emergence of high-tech regions in the United States. Other maps have been created for Boise and Portland. For more info about the project, see the Knowledge Regions Initiative.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Libraries: Not Just for Books, Part III

The following is the third part in a five part series on services offered at the library that most people might not think about when they think of their local library (or librarian!)

j0316868[1] 1040s?! Schedule Cs?! Can I deduct this interest or that interest?! As I've just begun my adventure into 2008 business and personal taxes, I wondered if the library could help me out here too. It turns out they can.

The King County Library System not only offers printouts of the most common IRS tax forms in library lobbies, they can help you complete your taxes too. Computers are available to e-file your return and many branches host Tax Times to help you complete your forms.

j0395692[1]Volunteers will be available at the Redmond Regional branch every Saturday from February 7 to April 11 from 10AM to 3PM. Help is first come, first serve and the assistance is free.

For more information about tax assistance at your local branch, visit the King County Library's Tax Assistance website.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Communities Count 2008: Social & Health Indicators Across King County

Communities Count 2008 The Communities Count 2008 report provides an updated picture of the quality of community life across King County. The report details 38 indicators, each highlighting a social, economic, health, environmental or cultural condition that matter most to King County families and communities. Communities Count is a collaborative initiative between key public and private organizations within King County.

The Introduction section of the Communities Count 2008 report provides a good overview of the goals and process used to obtain data. It also provides a demographic profile of King County. For example, the following graph from this section shows King County population by race and ethnicity:

King County population by race and ethnicity

Community Indicators
Community Count 2008Indicators measure conditions valued by our communities. Indicators help leaders make informed funding and policy decisions, as well as motivate residents and community stakeholders to take action. The Community Count 2008 report is divided into 6 major categories of indicators:

  - Basic Needs & Social Well-Being 
  - Positive Development Through Life Stages
  - Safety & Health
  - Community Strength
  - Natural & Build Environment
  - Arts & Culture

Strong communities are informed communities, and the Community Count 2008 report goes a long way towards educating us about our neighbors.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

How it works: A Video on the Redmond Library Check-in System

Redmond Library automated self check in machine Have you every wondered what happens when you return library materials using the automated self check in machines? Well the Redmond Reporter has created a video that gives an inside look at how the self check in machines work with the library’s automated materials handler. The entire system reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to re-shelve returned library material.

To view the video, click the play button below:

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The New Look Redmond Library

Hundreds of library patrons eagerly swarmed the Redmond Library on the day of its reopening, Saturday, January 10th. On entering the library’s doorway, visitors were greeting with a new large Welcome sign:

Welcome to the Redmond Library

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 10 years since the Redmond Library opened its doors in its current location. With forty thousand library patrons visiting the library each month, it was time for much of the carpeting and furniture to be replaced.

Redmond library self check out Many of the signs in the library have been redesigned, and different sections of the library now use a specific color scheme. The areas for accessing the library catalog and using the self check out system are well-marked and more spacious.

Children’s Area
Improvements in the children’s area in the library are not yet complete, and will continue even after the reopening. However, you’ll immediately notice the set of new children’s chairs with decorative backs, topped with ducks, squirrels and frogs:

Frog chair in children's section

Self Check In Improvements
New additions to the Redmond Library include a third automated Self Check In machine. All three machines are now in a highly visible protective enclosure. This enclosure keeps you dry from the rain, and makes it easer to see the machine's screen on sunny days.

Enclosed self check in machines

Stop by the new look Redmond Library and let us know what you think of the changes.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Libraries: Not Just for Books, Part II

The following is the second part in a five part series on services offered at the library that most people might not think about when they think of their local library (or librarian!)

You might think that current authors trying to make a living would not appreciate library patrons that read books "for free". (Hey, we like to reduce and reuse!) However, you can find them at book readings and signings in branches across the system. Many will have their books available for sale at this time, of course!

60 Seconds & You're Hired! 3rd Edition

Right in line with the economic times, Redmond Regional will host Robin Ryan of "60 Seconds and You're Hired" fame on February 3rd at 7 p.m. KCLS invites you to: "Meet this Career Counselor, Bestselling Author, Job Search Expert and National Speaker who writes a syndicated career column and has appeared on over 1000 TV and radio shows including Oprah, Dr. Phil and NBC Nightly News. Her recently updated book will guide you to the perfect job by helping you excel at the crucial job interview and to negotiate a higher salary."

Not only does the King County Library System host authors in the Library, has interviews recorded for your listening pleasure 24/7.j0432650[1]

Recent interviews feature David Oliver Relin (Three Cups of Tea) and Jennifer Worick (Backcountry Betty).

To find more upcoming appearances to "Meet the Author", or listen to existing "Hear the Author" segments, please visit King County Library's Author Site


Friday, January 9, 2009

Libraries: Not Just For Books, Part I

The following is the first part in a five part series on services offered at the library that most people might not think about when they think of their local library (or librarian!)

Did you know that the King County Library System offers free computer classes at each of their branches? King County Library System's mission is to "provide all community members with free, open and equal access to ideas and information." Computers, via the Internet, are increasingly the tools used to gain access to ideas and information. Learning how to effectively use the Internet, and other tools that computers provide, is increasingly important in today's society in disseminating ideas and information. The Library also hosts "Open Forum" times to help you overcome any computer problems you are having at home.

imageClass Sample:

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Excel Level 4 (Functions!)

Classes start again on January 17th and signing up for one at the Redmond branch provides you the opportunity to see the Library's recent remodel! You can register for upcoming classes by calling the library or at the Reference Desk.

image More information about upcoming computer classes can be found on the
Redmond Regional Library Calendar.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Bridge for Redmond: The NE 36th Street Overpass

WSDOT To accommodate the expected increase in traffic in the Overlake area, Microsoft and the City of Redmond are building an overpass across SR 520 to connect NE 36th Street with NE 31st Street. Construction is expected to begin in the winter of 2008 with completion in the spring of 2010.

The bridge opened Dec 15, 2010. For details and photos, see the posting, Redmond Joins the Rotary Club: Completing the NE 36th St Bridge

The following image shows the bridge design — notice the landscaped lids that are offset along the edges of the overpass:

NE 36th Street bridge design

The 480’ long overpass will connect the east and west sides of the Microsoft campus, allowing for easier traffic flow on campus and in the surrounding communities. The overpass will have one lane in each direction, a bicycle lane, and landscaped pedestrian walkways. A connecting pathway will provide convenient pedestrian access to the Overlake Transit Center. The overpass also provides a connector to the bike trail that runs along 520.

The area around NE 31st Street and 152nd Avenue NE will be closed during construction.

NE 36th Bridge map location

For more information, including ongoing traffic impact, see the Washington State Department of Transportation project page SR 520 – NE 36th St Overpass.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Sound Transit’s Plans for Redmond

Sound Transit

Sound Transit has recently published documents that outline the voter-approved East Link light rail line connecting Seattle and Redmond. The East Link line is a 14.5 mile light rail extension that goes across the I-90 bridge and connects Mercer Island, Bellevue, and Redmond’s Overlake Transit Center. The following map shows the proposed route:

Click for more info on the East Link line

For a map of the entire Sound Transit system, see the Seattle Times Your guide to riding light rail.

Sound Transit trains on I-90East Link trains are estimated to carry 40,000 to 45,000 riders daily (13 million per year) by 2030. The Central Link between downtown Seattle and Sea-Tac Airport is scheduled to be completed this year. Central Link trains are estimated to carry 45,000 riders daily by 2020.

East Link Project Documents
The following docs from the Sound Transit East Link Document Library provide details on the East Link Project:

East Link Project: Executive Summary   Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Executive Summary
Describes various East Link alternatives, their potential impacts, as well as environmental concerns.
East Link Segment D: Bel-Red Corridor   East Link Segment D:
Bel-Red Corridor
This fact sheet provides more detailed information about the East Link project in the Overlake/Bel-Red corridor.
East Link Light Rail: Resource Glossary   East Link Light Rail
Resource Glossary
This document provides a description of terms related to light rail systems, such as "cut-and-cover construction.

For a complete listing of all East Link Project documents, see the Sound Transit East Link Document Library.

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