Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Communities Count 2008: Social & Health Indicators Across King County

Communities Count 2008 The Communities Count 2008 report provides an updated picture of the quality of community life across King County. The report details 38 indicators, each highlighting a social, economic, health, environmental or cultural condition that matter most to King County families and communities. Communities Count is a collaborative initiative between key public and private organizations within King County.

The Introduction section of the Communities Count 2008 report provides a good overview of the goals and process used to obtain data. It also provides a demographic profile of King County. For example, the following graph from this section shows King County population by race and ethnicity:

King County population by race and ethnicity

Community Indicators
Community Count 2008Indicators measure conditions valued by our communities. Indicators help leaders make informed funding and policy decisions, as well as motivate residents and community stakeholders to take action. The Community Count 2008 report is divided into 6 major categories of indicators:

  - Basic Needs & Social Well-Being 
  - Positive Development Through Life Stages
  - Safety & Health
  - Community Strength
  - Natural & Build Environment
  - Arts & Culture

Strong communities are informed communities, and the Community Count 2008 report goes a long way towards educating us about our neighbors.

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