Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Learn More Today!

Ever since I was a kid, the library has always been my source for learning.  English was my second language, and before the internet, there was never a better source than the library to grab books to read and expand my knowledge.  Even with the advent of the internet, nothing gets me ready to study or learn like walking into a library. :-)

But as times have changed, so has the library.  It's of course, more than just a collection of books.  There's also training and classes available, for free, at the library.  Two great opportunities are coming up in the next two weeks.

The first is an opportunity to take a free Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification test.  It's available this coming Sunday, on August 30, at the Redmond library.

The other, is for people working towards citizenship.  My family immigrated long ago and went through the grueling process to become citizens in the U.S., and I was lucky to have been born after my father became a citizen.  The Redmond library is offering a class on the naturalization process that allows you to practice speaking, reading, writing and listening in English.  It's happening next Tuesday, September 1.  There's nothing more helpful at getting used to a new language than immersing yourself in it.

Are you interested in either of these?  Visit the KCLS Redmond Classes & Programs page today to get more details!

- James