Monday, June 8, 2015

Movies at a Library?

The smell of buttery popcorn, the sounds of people shouting to hurry and save a seat, the rumbling in the background as a movie starts, can all be forgotten for film screenings at the library.  Movies at the library?  That's right, there are actually film screenings occurring this month at various theaters for the Mind Matters summer adult program series at KCLS.

Unfortunately, the screenings are not occurring at the Redmond Library, but still a great opportunity to go out and spend an afternoon at a library.

If you're into classics, the Auburn library has a series of classic films starting on June 15.  For a full schedule, you can check out the schedule at KCLS.

For fans of stories based on true events, Unbroken will be played at the Mercer Island, Auburn and Newcastle libraries.  For a full schedule of when and where, check out the schedule at KCLS.  There's also The Theory of Everything, a movie about Stephen Hawking, which will be screened at the Kent Library on July 21, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

But movies aren't everything for the Mind Matters program.  You can see a whole listing of other fantastic programs to help care, feed and exercise your brain at KCLS.

- James