Sunday, August 3, 2014

Washington Rural Heritage Collections

Washington Rural HeritageThe Washington Rural Heritage project provides access to images and documents that capture the culture, industry, and community life of Washington State. The collection is an ongoing project of small, rural libraries and partnering cultural institutions, guided by an initiative of the Washington State Library.

Here are several photos from the collection:

The town pumpTwo women stand at the public water pump in Langley during the 1920s. The pump served both people and horses, and was a popular meeting place for the community.

Horse drawn rail cart on Whidbey IslandLogging was widespread on Whidbey Island in the 19th century. Here, a horse drawn rail cart pulls timber at the Calligan Logging Camp in 1887.

Dorothy Looney, trick riderDorothy Looney, born in Kittitas County in 1927, developed a love of horses and riding early in her life. During the 1940s, she became one of best female trick riders in the Northwest.

Lorin Catudio 
Redmond Library Board, Emeritus