Saturday, July 6, 2013

Libraries, Libraries, Everywhere

Often when I travel, I’m actively planning to visit the library, but sometimes they find me!  A few weekends ago, I spent a lovely couple of days on Decatur Island.  Not expecting to see any libraries, wouldn't you know it, two found me. As I was perusing the local farmer’s market on the Island, I happened upon their tiny library:

Decatur Island Tiny Library

After our trip, we stopped at the Anacortes Starbucks to fuel up for the drive back home, and yet another library popped up on their shelves!

Anacortes Starbucks Library

For me, libraries represent the sharing of knowledge, and I love seeing all of their various incarnations. It was a pleasant surprise that even when I wasn’t looking for them, they were still right there in the other things I was doing.