Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Puget Sound Tech Universe: A Visual History of the Technology Industry

WTIA_logoThe Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) has recently published a poster which richly illustrates the genealogy of the the Seattle area’s tech industry. At the center of this map are six “galaxies”: Aldus, Amazon, Boeing, McCaw Cellular, Microsoft, and the University of Washington.

Click the following image to display a larger version of the Puget Sound Tech Universe map:

Click for larger view

You can also view an interactive online version of the map. This online version allows you to zoom in/out and pan. You can also search the map using text strings.

About the Map
The map illustrates the genealogy of 711 firms and institutions in the Puget Sound region. Data was gathered through an online survey of technology firms in 2007. The map is part of a Virginia Tech research project that is examining the emergence of high-tech regions in the United States. Other maps have been created for Boise and Portland. For more info about the project, see the Knowledge Regions Initiative.

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