Saturday, January 24, 2009

Libraries: Not Just for Books, Part III

The following is the third part in a five part series on services offered at the library that most people might not think about when they think of their local library (or librarian!)

j0316868[1] 1040s?! Schedule Cs?! Can I deduct this interest or that interest?! As I've just begun my adventure into 2008 business and personal taxes, I wondered if the library could help me out here too. It turns out they can.

The King County Library System not only offers printouts of the most common IRS tax forms in library lobbies, they can help you complete your taxes too. Computers are available to e-file your return and many branches host Tax Times to help you complete your forms.

j0395692[1]Volunteers will be available at the Redmond Regional branch every Saturday from February 7 to April 11 from 10AM to 3PM. Help is first come, first serve and the assistance is free.

For more information about tax assistance at your local branch, visit the King County Library's Tax Assistance website.


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