Saturday, January 31, 2009

Marymoor Connector Trail Partly Open

Marymoor Connector Trail sign The Marymoor Connector Trail is a 1 ½–mile link that connects the Sammamish River Trail with the East Lake Sammamish Trail. The new trail follows the main road through Marymoor Park until it reaches the model plane airfield. There, it cuts across the park’s wetlands, partly on a raised boardwalk bridge.

With the completion of this trail, this means bicyclists can now ride along the Burke-Gilman Trail in Seattle and continue uninterrupted all the way to Issaquah. The Marymoor Connector Trail is part of King County’s vision for an expanded regional trail system.

Update: The Marymoor Connector Trail officially opened May 14, 2009.

Along the Trail
The trail is a 10’ wide paved trail with ample drainage areas on both sides to help combat water buildup. No doubt rollerbladers will find the perfectly smooth asphalt a delight.

The intersections at parking lots are well marked and include mini stop signs for bicyclists.

Marymoor Connector Trail bicyclist

The scenic wetlands in the east side of Marymoor Park are now opened up by the Marymoor Connector Trail. This is a great place to see wildlife, such as hawks and deer.

Marymoor Trail Connector through the wetlands

At the east end of the Marymoor Trail Connector, the trail connects up with the East Lake Sammamish Trail. However, the surface of the East Lake Sammamish Trail is mostly gravel, so you’ll want to make sure you have the right type of tires for this trail. The Redmond portion of the trail has been recently paved – see The East Lake Sammamish Trail: Paved and Open (updated May 2012).
 Marymoor Trail: east end

Map of Trail Route 
MarymoorTrail_mapFor a map of the Marymoor Connector Trail and other trails, see Regional Trails in King County. For more information about Marymoor Park, see the King County Marymoor Park page. For more info on trails, parks, and outdoor activies throughout King County, see the King County Recreation page.

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Bob Yoder said...

Thank you for this informative piece on the connector trail. It encourages me to go for a bike ride down Ed. Hill to the park. I want to try the trail and look for the wildlife/ flora.