Thursday, July 31, 2008

City of Redmond: Pedestrian Program Plan

Pedestrian Program Plan The intent of the pedestrian portion of the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is to create design guidelines for increasing pedestrian friendliness. With greater numbers of Redmond residents walking regularly, pedestrian friendliness becomes an important part of overall city design. The pedestrian portion of the TMP, which details many characteristics of walking environments, is now available online as the Pedestrian Program Plan.

Classifying Walking Environments
The Pedestrian Program Plan classifies walking environments according to the degree of pedestrian friendliness:

Pedestrian Place
These are areas where people gather, such as outdoor seating, a water feature, or pedestrian-oriented shopping.
Pedestrian Supportive
These are safe environments for walking, where sidewalks are continuous and buffered from the street.
Pedestrian Tolerant
These are areas and corridors where walking is technically safe, but land use patterns discourage walking.
Pedestrian Intolerant
These are areas where walking is unsafe and unattractive, such as near freeway corridors, industrial, or undeveloped areas.

Degrees of pedestrian friendliness

Sidewalk Design
The design of sidewalks has a direct impact on pedestrian friendliness. Buffers, sidewalk width, and setback of adjacent land all impact the level of pedestrian friendliness:

Elements of sidewalk design

Through the use of policies that impact street, sidewalk, and setback designs, the City of Redmond will systematically work to eliminate all Pedestrian Intolerant environments within public street rights-of-way. The goal is to create Pedestrian Supportive infrastructure wherever practical and feasible.

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