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Engage: Redmond Library 2009 Community Study

Every year KCLS selects several of its member libraries to provide an an in-depth study of its community library service area. The study provides details about the community’s history and demographics. The study also provides recommendations for improved library services.

Redmond Library 2009 Community Study Members of the Redmond Library staff, Debra Westwood (Cluster Manager) and Chris Livingston (Site Manager), presented the Redmond Library 2009 Community Study to the KCLS Library Board of Trustees on January 27, 2009. The theme of this study is Engage. You can find on online version of this document at Redmond Regional Library 2009 Community Study.

The current population of the City of Redmond, 51,320. Redmond continues to draw young families due to the relatively strong job market and available housing. The largest demographic is between 25 and 54 years of age, both single, single with children, couples and couples with children. The median age is 35.

Redmond Library Community Study: population by age

What perhaps is unique about Redmond is the influx of immigrants who come from all over the world to work in the high-tech industry, often bringing their families with them, including parents. Redmond Library 2009 Community Study There are also numerous Spanish-speakers who are attracted to the library’s many programs and services. The library has proved to be a natural gathering place — a neutral, welcoming oasis that, at times, appears to be a miniature United Nations.

Library Services
The Redmond Library is the second busiest KCLS library after Bellevue. The library has a collection of about 188,000 items and circulates more than a million items a year. More than 500,000 people visit the library annually. There are about 60,000 adult patrons and 10,000 minors registered to the Redmond Library, but the library attracts patrons from all over King County, including residents of Seattle who work in Redmond.

Summer Reading Program: Catch the Reading Bug Children are an important audience for the services of the Redmond Regional Library. The children’s librarians provide services and school visits to 15 schools in the Redmond Regional Library’s service area. Many families from several neighboring schools, not in our service area, visit and use the Redmond Regional Library regularly. This is reflected in program participation. Of all KCLS member libraries, Redmond has the highest number of participants in Ready, Set, Read and the second highest number of sign-ups for the Summer Reading Program, with more than 2,500 children in 2008.

For information on other current library services and recommendations for improved library services, see the full report at Redmond Regional Library 2009 Community Study.

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