Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Libraries: Not Just for Books, Part V

The following is the fifth part in a five part series on services offered at the library that most people might not think about when they think of their local library (or librarian!)

The final part in this series focuses on the best "thing" you can find at the library: a sense of Community. Fortunately, Community can be something kept, not simply borrowed.

The King County Library System's "Many Voices, One Land" programs exemplify the emphasis on Community. Redmond is a wonderfully diverse city with many opportunities to explore the world in our very own backyard. In addition to posting relevant book lists on a regular basis, live performances celebrate our culturally interesting Community.

An upcoming March 15th program entitled "The Barber's Wife" is an "adaptation of a familiar folktale from India [that] tells the amusing story of Sandhar, who receives a small plot of land from the prince of the village and the way his clever wife tricks a couple of thieves."

Other library branches will host topics as diverse as Cuban folk music, traditional African dance and songs from a family that lives in a yurt.

King County Library SystemThe King County Library System's motto couldn't ring more true: "Turn to us. The choices will surprise you."


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