Saturday, July 19, 2008

Redmond Travel: Metro Online Services

Metro online logoThe Metro transit system for King County provides a number of Web-based tools that make it easy to plan your transportation needs. In addition to timetables and route maps, you can use the Trip Planner to determine custom details for a specific itinerary. In addition, you can use the Rideshare services, such as Ridematch, to find carpool and vanpool partners.

One of the newest of Metro’s online tools is Tracker, which provides real-time bus information for a specific time interval or geographic location. Unlike traditional bus schedules, Tracker lets you see and track the actual status of your bus, so you know when your ride is really coming.

When you launch Tracker’s Map View, select the location of interest by clicking Maps from the main menu, and then Select PreNamed Location. To center the map on downtown Redmond, select Redmond as the Category and 164th Ave NE/NE Redmond Way as the Location. The map that is displayed contains all the physical locations of the buses in the view area. In this case, the 221, 248, and 545 buses are all within the downtown Redmond area.

Metro Tracker Map View

To find more information for a specific bus, click the bus number, which displays a popup menu:

Metro Tracker Map View closeup

By clicking the progress for a specific bus, a graphical representation of the route for the specific bus is displayed.

Metro Tracker progress

You can even set an alarm anywhere along the bus route to alert you when you need to be at a particular bus stop.

Redmond Bus Service
For a list of Metro buses that provide service for Redmond, click here. You can also pick up printed copies of current Metro schedule information in the lobby of the Redmond Library.


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