Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Microsoft Building 83 under Construction

Construction work is currently underway on Microsoft Building 83 at the 4500 block of 156th Ave NE in Redmond. Construction will also begin soon on nearby Building 81, as well as expansion of an existing garage. These structures are all on land that was formerly the Safeco campus.

Construction on Microsoft Building 83

Update: See Microsoft Building 83 Construction Halted

Redmond Land Use Application Documents
You can find collections of related land use application documents for projects in the City of Redmond on the Land Use Applications page. The documents include Vicinity Maps, Notice of Applications, and Site Plans. Here’s the site plan for the two new Microsoft Buildings, 81 and 83:

Site Plan for Microsoft Buildings 81 and 83

You can find additional land use-related information for the City of Redmond on the City Document Library page.

Aerial Views of Construction Areas
Live Search Maps provides a variation of aerial mapping called bird's eye view. Rather than looking straight down on the area being photographed, a bird's eye view is an aerial image that is taken 30° off center. The effect is striking — you see features in a more 3D-like perspective. This is a useful way to view a construction area. Here's a bird's eye view of the Microsoft campus where Building 81 and 83 are being built.

Birdseye view of Microsoft campus

For more information on bird’s eye view features, see A bird’s eye view of Redmond High School.

Other Blog Postings on Construction
Here’s a list of other Redmond Library blog postings on construction:

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