Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Marymoor Park: Friday Night Track Racing

Friday Night Track Racing The Friday Night Track Racing series at the Group Health Velodrome is a thrill for bicycle racers and spectators alike. World-class athletes compete under the spotlights while family and friends picnic on the lawn or enjoy the view from the stands. The popular "Kiddie Kilo" happens the first and third Fridays of each month.

Click on the following link for both the 2011 Wednesday & Friday Night Race schedule.

Group Health Velodrome
Velodrome bicyclistsThe Group Health Velodrome, located in Marymoor Park was constructed in 1974 as part of a major parks project in King County. The following Spring, it officially opened for racing. Over the next several years, railings, lights, and warm-up circles were added.

Currently, the velodrome is operated by the Marymoor Velodrome Association (MVA) in conjunction with the King County Department of Parks and Recreation. The MVA is a non-profit, volunteer association consisting mainly of racers and enthusiasts.

The track itself is an outdoor facility with a racing distance of 400 meters per lap. This makes it one of the longer velodromes in the world—most such track facilities have racing distances of either 3 laps per 1000 meters or 250 meters. The surface is concrete and, in early 2005, was completely resurfaced to provide a smoother finish.

Marymoor Velodrome

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