Saturday, December 18, 2010

Redmond Joins the Rotary Club: Completing the NE 36th St Bridge

Redmond added its first rotary (or more accurately, roundabout) as part of the completion of the NE 36th Street Bridge in the Overlake section of Redmond. The bridge, which spans State Route 520, opened on Dec 15th after 18 months of construction.

NE 36th St Bridge (click for larger image)

The bridge crosses SR520 diagonally. In the photo below (taken from Microsoft building 43), you can see the bridge’s “wings” — landscaped extensions that provide broad pedestrian walkways.

NE 36th St Bridge (click for larger image)

Roundabout sign Leading to the NE 36th Street Bridge from the east side is Redmond’s first roundabout. In general, a roundabout is designed for lower speed traffic, unlike a rotary, which is a larger circle and handles higher speed traffic. Roundabouts are increasingly being used in the United States.

NE 36th St roundabout  (click for larger image) The NE 36th Street Bridge features a park-like design with dozens of trees and shrubs on small rolling hills. Several benches line the pathways.

NE 36th St Bridge bench

For more info about the project, see the City of Redmond’s NE 36th Street Bridge project page.

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