Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jaime’s KCLS Jaunt #45 and #46: Carnation and Duvall Libraries

Go East!This jaunt was definitely in the Northwest weather that we’ve all come to know and “love”!  Rainy, kind of dark, and just generally yucky.  But you know what are always warm and welcoming places? KCLS Libraries!

Wheelie hanging out at Carnation

Native American Art

Woven Baskets
As my travels begin to arrive at their close, I find myself fairly close to home.  But sadly, still in communities I don’t think I’ve ever been in – like Duvall!  But before Duvall, we took the scenic route, through agricultural lands in valleys and river floodplains, out to Carnation. Carnation’s reputation preceded it as I had already heard from another library about the integration of pieces of the old library into the new branch that opened in January 2009.  They were raving about how wonderful it looked and they were right! Native American designs from inside and outside the old cedar structure were turned into artwork for the interior and exterior of the new library. Antique woven baskets from the previous library were also restored and returned to the new library for display. We were also fortunate to be able to chat with Lael from KCLS about all of what makes Carnation unique.  She was very helpful in explaining to us the old and new libraries.

Shortly after, we were off to re-fuel in Duvall before visiting their library.  Although we were originally headed for the Duvall Grill and Taproom, we were sidetracked by the interesting exterior at The Grange Café, where we ultimately settled in for brunch. Oh, so, delicious.  Thick-sliced bread and preserves on the table will win with me anytime! I’ll see you next time Duvall Grill and Taproom.

Both restaurants were only steps away from the Duvall library in the historic downtown area.  A former residence, the library has a fantastic view from the rear windows and the coolest “back room” I’ve seen – through a library shelf!  At the desk, John from KCLS, was nice enough to spend time with us and answer our questions. Planning for a new library is underway, so I’m glad that I was able to see the existing library before they relocate. Although the community has now outgrown the space, it has a great look and feel that makes one feel right at home.
Duvall Library

Duvall View

This marks my 25th jaunt, with only 5 places remaining to visit!



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