Sunday, May 22, 2011

Trail Closure Spring 2011: East Lake Sammamish Trail

Construction of the East Lake Sammamish Master Plan Trail Project will require the closure of the northern-most two miles of the trail corridor in Redmond and Sammamish for up to seven months. The trail is officially closed as of June 2nd.

East Lake Sammamish Trail Closure (click for larger image) For more information and project updates, see the King County site, East Lake Sammamish Trail.

Master Plan Trail Features
The trail project includes the following new features:

Paved trail surface, soft-surface shoulders and vegetated buffer
New 77-stall parking facility at NE 70th Street
Traffic control measures (signage and crossing treatments) where the trail crosses private driveways or roadways
Stormwater management system to control runoff from the trail and parking areas
Retaining walls to support slopes and reduce embankment areas
Crosswalks at public access points
Litter receptacles, doggy litter bag boxes, and trail etiquette signs
Bollards at trail crossings to prevent unauthorized vehicles from driving onto the trail

About the Trail
The East Lake Sammamish Trail follows a historic railroad route along the eastern shore of Lake Sammamish within the cities of Redmond, Sammamish and Issaquah. Part of the “Locks to Lakes Corridor,” the trail is approximately 11 miles long and follows an off-road corridor along the lake and through lakeside communities. The existing “interim” soft-surface trail provides excellent views of the lake and Cascade foothills, and is popular with off-road bicyclists, joggers, walkers and other users.

East Lake Sammamish Trail For more info on King County regional trails, see Regional Trails System.

Artwork on the Trail
Several dozen pieces of artwork line the fences along the East Lake Sammamish Trail, about 4 miles south of Marymoor Park.

Fence artwork trio (click for larger image) For more about this project, see The Eyes Have It: Artwork Along the East Lake Sammamish Trail.

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Crosswalks at public access points [Image] Litter receptacles, doggy litter bag boxes