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Hit the Road: The 2011 Washington State Travel Planner is Now Available

2011 Washington State Travel Planner The 2011 Washington State Travel Planner is available online. This 152-page, full-color publication is filled with road trips, travel planning tips, maps and photographs that will inspire your wanderlust to explore Washington State. You can also order printed copies of the travel planner here.

In addition, the state’s Experience Washington Web site provides a wealth of travel-related resources.

A Douglas County Road Trip
Last week, I traveled through Douglas County. The town of Waterville (elevation 2,650 feet) is the county seat of Douglas County, Washington. The town sits on a broad plain called the Waterville plateau. In the late 19th century, early settlers raised cattle. However, potatoes and wheat eventually became the dominant agricultural industry. Tourism is on the rise here, and the historic Waterville Hotel makes a great overnight stay.

The most striking building in Waterville is the brick and stone Douglas County Courthouse, which was built in 1905.

Douglas County Courthouse (click for larger image)

State Route 2 runs right through downtown Waterville, whose population is around 1,200. Many older building still remain on West Locust Street, which is part of Route 2.

West Locust Street (click for larger image)

The Waterville Auto Company building on East Park Street is a reminder of the town’s older days.

Waterville Auto Company (click for larger image)

You can learn about the area’s history at the Douglas County Historical Museum. The mural on the museum’s building depicts a mining scene.

Douglas County Historical Museum mural (click for larger image)

Four miles east of Waterville on Route 2 lies the tiny town of Douglas. The Douglas General Store is the community center.

Douglas General Store (click for larger image)

St. Paul's Lutheran Church is a prominent landmark in Douglas. Build in 1915, the church originally held services in English and German, the language of many of the early settlers in this area.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church (click for larger image)Spring is the season for shearing sheep — and the occasional alpaca.

Freshly sheared alpaca in Douglas (click for larger image)

Route 2 east of Douglas passes through large tracts of farmland. The Farmer’s Community Hall is one of the few buildings along this road.

Farmers Community Hall (click for larger image) As Route 2 climbs up the plateau, the view looking west towards the Cascades is dramatic.

Route 2 and the Cascades (click for larger image)Wherever you go, enjoy your travels through Washington state!

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