Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Eyes Have It: Artwork Along the East Lake Sammamish Trail

I was being watched while riding my bike along the East Lake Sammamish Trail! The green eyes peered out of a large photo mounted on a fence along the trail. The face looked eerie, as several years of weathering have created fracture patterns on the wood.

Girl and coffee (click for larger image)Sammamish photographer and digital artist, Jim Wolfe, displays his prints along the fence in front of his house as well as his neighbor’s house. 

Fence art trio (click for larger image)Several years ago, Jim figured out a technique to print digital images on non-paper surfaces, such as canvas and wood. One of his earliest artistic themes was faces, and you’ll find plenty of them staring at you. One print peeked out at me from behind blackberry bushes.

Artwork behind plants (click for larger image)Jim’s later artistic themes included nature scenes, such as the following print of two herons.

Two heron (click for larger image)

At one time, Jim tried selling his prints in downtown Seattle. While people appreciated his artwork, most people were more interested in figuring out how to duplicate his process rather than buying his artwork.

East Lake Sammamish Trail 
East Lake Sammamish Trail map To view the artwork along the trail, travel about 4 miles south from Marymoor Park along the East Lake Sammamish Trail until you reach 1103 East Lake Sammamish Parkway NE.

For more info on King County regional trails, see Regional Trails System.

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