Thursday, November 4, 2010

Take Time to Read…

If you sat down with a book or a magazine for half an hour…Take Time To Readyou might find yourself transported to a different world.

But sometimes reading feels like an undeserved luxury. It seems like there’s never enough time for reading. Or when you have those free moments, there’s nothing handy to read.

KCLS libraries are making it easy for you to take time to read by helping you find the time and materials to read.

Here’s how:
Gift of Time card Give yourself or someone you care about a Gift of Time card. Pick up a gift card at any King County Library and use it to remind your family, friends, and even yourself of the pleasures of reading.

Quick Read bookshelfTurn time to kill into time to read. While you’re waiting for your medical appointment or your oil to be changed, take a little time to read. Take advantage of the books, short stories and magazines on of the Quick Read bookshelves throughout KCLS libraries.

Go for the reads that don’t take much time. Here are some Quick Read suggestions from KCLS librarians.

Redmond Library Board

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