Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jaime’s KCLS Jaunt #43: Sammamish

Go East!Jaunt #23 takes me out to Sammamish, which happens to be my fourth trip to a library in five days!  While two libraries were jaunt-related, the other two visits were in the normal course of Library Board Business.  On Monday, I attended a Library Advisory Board Forum and Budget Hearing at Kirkland and on Tuesday, at Redmond, I celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Nonprofit & Philanthropy Resource Center with about 100 other folks from the nonprofit world (there will be an upcoming blog post just on this wonderful place coming soon – I promise Jeannette!).

The Artist before His Canvas, March 22, 1938
The impetus for my Wednesday evening visit to Sammamish was the presentation by art historian Susan Olds on “The Life and Times of Picasso” (related blog post).  Before I knew about this presentation, my friend and I had reserved our member tickets to the Seattle Art Museum exhibit for just a few days after this, so it was perfect timing and a jaunt bonus that I hadn’t yet visited Sammamish!  The event was very well attended by all ages and we easily filled the meeting room for about an hour and a half of stories about Picasso and his art. “Colorful”, to say the least.

Also, the new Sammamish library is beautiful!  Wheelie by the Fireplace

You’ll have to visit soon, as my pictures do not do the space any justice at all. It opened at the beginning of this year and is a part of the Sammamish Commons complex.  City Hall and the Police Station are right next door. Across the parking lot is a large park with basketball courts, a climbing wall, and a skateboard facility.  As I was sitting in the meeting room listening to the art talk, I glanced over to the upper windows and I could see the crescent moon framed perfectly between them.  I wish I could have taken a picture to capture the moment, it was amazing.

Wheelie at SammamishAs the lecture ended and the staff were making the closing announcements a few minutes later, I snuck in a few more pictures in a final circle around the spacious library. I also made attempts at a few outdoor shots, though the results were questionable!


Library Map

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