Friday, October 31, 2008

International Children’s Digital Library

“The International Children’s Digital Library Foundation's goal is to build a collection of books that represents outstanding historical and contemporary books from throughout the world. Ultimately, the Foundation aspires to have every culture and language represented so that every child can know and appreciate the riches of children's literature from the world community.”

The International Children’s Digital Library contains children's books that can be read for free online. There over 30+ languages represented in this collection of books. Here are a few books in this amazing collection:

  Sydney and the Sea Monster   Sydney and the Sea Monster 
(New Zealand - 1999)

Sydney the penguin, who was an inventor, lived at a safe beach. Safe that is until a large ship drifted out of the mist hunting whales and seals. With his friend Bill the whale, Sydney devised a cunning invention to frighten away the intruders.

  Fairyland   Fairyland
(Japan - 1949)

A collection of pictorial representations of 7 Japanese folk tales.
  Kjel - the black swan   Kjel - the black swan

A love story set in a faraway Nordic land, Kjel, the black swan, finds Agnette, the white swan, who is ready to sacrifice her life for their love.

  Why is my Mommy late?   Why is my Mommy late?
(Phillipines – 2001)

A girl refuses to let fear overcome her when her mother is late to pick her up. Instead, her wild imagination leads her to think of whimsical situations like riding on the back of a turtle or flying with an eagle that may explain her mothers' tardiness.

  Mishloach manot - folk-tales for the festivals   Mishloach manot - folk-tales for the festivals

A collection of traditional Jewish folk-tales about the festivals, including a story about the trees that kissed each other on the eve of Tu Bishvat (the New Year for Trees), the poor man who cannot afford to buy food for Passover and writes a letter to God, or about the golden candelabra that blinds the robbers who come to steal it, and many other stories.

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