Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Walk Through Westside Park

The Westside Neighborhood Park at 5810 156th Ave NE in Redmond is a 6.4 acre community park that includes the following:

  • Children’s play area
  • Pickleball court
  • Half basketball court
  • Baseball/softball field
  • Picnic tables
  • Open space
Westside Park

For more info on Westside Park and other parks, see the City of Redmond’s Parks, Trails and Open Spaces page.

Bridle Crest Trail
The Bridle Crest Trail runs through Westside Park to Marymoor Park. This half-mile section starting at Westside Park descends downwards along the top of a sloping ridge.

Bridle Crest Trail through Westside Park

As you walk down the Bridle Crest Trail, you pass large thickets of blackberry bushes. Once in the forest, you will see many ferns and bushes, as well as large stands of Western Red Cedar, hemlock, and other tall conifers.

Bridle Crest Trail

As you walk along the trail, notice the stumps of logged trees. If you look carefully at some of these stumps, you will see notches cut into the sides. These notches once held boards that loggers stood on in order to saw down the trees.

Stumps of logged trees in Westside Park

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