Monday, March 5, 2012

A Wall of Words: Full Book Posters from Spineless Classics

What a great idea! The words of an entire book printed on a single sheet of paper…

Alice in Wonderland poster (measures 28" x 20")

Spineless Classics now has over 60 titles to choose from, including Beowulf, Peter Pan, and Pride and Prejudice. Each poster contains the complete text of the book, with the words arranged as decorative graphics. Surprisingly, the Beowulf postersmall-sized text, which uses a 4-point font, is legible.

The brainchild of Carl Pappenheim, the idea of book text as wall art came to him by accident one year when he was too broke to buy expensive Christmas gifts. Despite his poor finances, he wanted to give his mother a present that meant something. He collaborated with an architectural drawing company, and printed the text of her favorite novel on a poster.

And if reading the words on these posters isn’t enough of a challenge for you, there’s Spineless Classics new line of jigsaw puzzles. You guessed it the puzzle image is the complete text of a book.

Alice in Wonderland poster puzzle

Redmond Library Board

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