Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Show Must Go On: Cavalia Pulls Up Its Tents

Cavalia ended its 6-week run at Marymoor Park in Redmond last weekend. Several days later, the 110’ tall main tent was all that was left to take down.

Cavalia main tentHere are some fascinating statistics about the main tent:

  • Size of canvas for the tent is 71,000 square feet
  • Seating capacity is 2004 persons
  • Width of the stage is 160’
  • Stage contains 2,500 tons of sand and dirt

Eight other tents form part of the Cavalia village. These auxiliary tents are used for such things as a stable and an employee cafeteria. In the photo below, only the tops of one the auxiliary tents remain to be dismantled.

Cavalia auxillary tents150 people are required to erect the tents and work on the preparation of the site. The set-up takes 12 days, while the tear down is completed in three days. Cavalia now moves to St. Louis where the entire setup/tear down cycle is repeated.

The video below, Building Cavalia, walks through the creation of the Cavalia village.

Cavalia banner draped on a stack of freight containersOh, and that large Cavalia sign on Highway 520, that was actually a banner draped on a stack of 5 freight containers the containers are conveniently used for storage.

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