Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jaime’s KCLS Jaunt #50 and #51: Issaquah Library and Service Center

Go East!El Fin. La Fin. Конец. La Fine. Kết thúc.

In other words, The End!  I wrapped up my KCLS Jaunts with trip number 29 for a weekday evening visit to the Issaquah branch and attending a KCLS Board meeting at the Service Center.

I’ve had other occasions to visit Issaquah in the past, but it’s been a couple of years since the last time I saw the Outside Issaquahinside.  The branch has been refreshed and is laid out a bit differently since my previous outing!  The Managing Librarian, PhilisAnn, was kind enough to spend a few minutes with me talking about the changes.  We also spent some time discussing the great downtown location and how crazy it can be during Salmon Days weekend.  After my chat with the Librarian, I shortly found a cozy place to sit for a bit to read and listen to the sounds of the library around me. 

After finding a convenient stopping place in my book and checking the time to make sure I’d still be on time to the Board meeting, I headed across the street from the library for my reward for finishing my jaunts – a Confetti Cupcake! So delicious!  I bought a pair of red velvet cupcakes to celebrate at home with my husband after the Board meeting.

There was a bit of a line at the sweet shop, so I arrived just minutes before the start time of the meeting.  If you are Wheelie, Hangin' Out at the Service Centerever interested in meeting people across all KCLS departments and functions, this is the place to be!  Highlights from the meeting included discussion of the new Bellevue parking garage, the budget (and more budget…), and Evergreen, the new catalog system. About 2.5 hours later the meeting adjourned, and I departed glad that I had ended my jaunts with a quick peek into the Service Center and the “inner workings” of KCLS and its Board of Trustees.


p.s. I have one more Jaunt blog post planned to summarize and say thanks to everyone that I met along the way, stay tuned…

Library Map

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