Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jaime’s KCLS Jaunt #49: ABC Express

Go Mobile!If library patrons have difficulty coming to you, reach out to them! The King County Library System has a variety of outreach services and mobile libraries and for my 49th “branch” visit and 28th trip, I caught the ABC Express in action in Woodinville.

Honk, if you like reading!ABC Express encourages early literacy and daycare providers can take advantage of monthly daytime visits for the young patrons.  In the afternoons and evenings, it also visits communities likely to have a need for library materials, though with residents that might not have an easy way to access a traditional branch.

Stocked with books, music, and videos geared towards children, the ABC Express can be a bustling place.  It certainly was when I popped in during its stop in the Wheelie Hangin' AroundGreenbrier neighborhood!  I met Jim, an Outreach Services Specialist, who was kind enough to spend time with me talking about various services that ABC Express and other travelling libraries can provide.  A patron overheard us talking, and unprompted, came over to tell me how Jim makes a point to know all the children that come aboard. I was able to witness this too as Jim greeted the children by name as they arrived and checked out! He says he’s lucky enough to have a job that he absolutely loves and that by being able to encourage children to read and being a positive influence in their lives, he can help make a difference.

So, if you see the bright blue bus in your area, pop in to say hi and experience the…ABC Express


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