Monday, May 31, 2010

Jaime’s KCLS Jaunt #21: Kingsgate

Go North! I finally squeezed in a weekday visit to a library!  Trip number 12 brought me to Kingsgate on a late Friday afternoon.  Kirkland has two library branches, Kirkland (Jaunt #7) and Kingsgate. To wrap up my Kirkland branch visits, I took advantage of the free wireless at Kingsgate to accomplish a couple hours of work. I'm sure riding isn't really allowed on the Kingsgate Library sign. . .

I definitely wasn’t the only person with my own laptop taking advantage of the quiet area and typing furiously! And though it’s always my intent to be very observant during these jaunts, the two hours flew by as I lost myself in my work and listened to the rain come down on the nearby window.

Unidentified Flying Creatures! As late afternoon turned into early evening, I did notice that the library began to quiet down.  There were a few open computers, because like all branches I’ve visited so far, the computers were completely taken when I arrived. The librarian told me that it was definitely quiet, perhaps due to the upcoming holiday weekend. I happened to glance up during our talk and noticed the “flying” art above our heads! Another unique art exhibit at Kingsgate is the rotating monthly quilt – the librarian has been watching it rotate for all of her 14 years at Kingsgate!

Wooden Benches As I left the library, I made a quick visit to the outdoor programs area to admire the benches crafted for an Eagle Scout project.  Surrounded by ferns and trees, what a great place for a story time on a more weather-friendly day!





Library Map

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