Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jaime’s KCLS Jaunt #19 and #20: Bothell and Woodinville

Go North!

Another Sunday jaunt required libraries a little bit closer to home again!  The bonus to these jaunts is that they don’t start until a little bit later as many libraries, if they are open on Sundays, sleepily wake up between Noon and 2 p.m. 

However, Lorin and I were out the door a little bit earlier to fill our late morning with our community adventure. . .involving food, of course! We had reservations at Preservation Kitchen – a delightful restaurant in the renovated 1916 Kaysner Estate in Bothell.  The ambience and breakfast foods were wonderful!  The service was also delightfully friendly – I’d love to go back to their Happy Hour!

Reading Patio Wonderfully full of eggs, potatoes, and toast, we traversed just a couple of miles to the Bothell Library.  I’m not sure if the cleverly titled entrance sculpture, the Bothell Bears, or the “aviary” patio was my favorite spot in the library!  As usual, the library’s computers were jam packed. Bothell Bears

The librarian nice enough to humor us and answer our questions, Patty, noted that  people are often waiting outside for the computers and within minutes they are all booked!  The patio makes a great place to step out for people needing to make a call or children that need a little room to roam more noisily.

Woodinville + Wheelie A quick trip across SR-522 brought us to our final stop for the day at the Woodinville Library. Evoking a Northwest lodge with its dramatic entrance, this library is located on a very spacious, wooded lot.  Before we entered, we wandered along the library’s nature path that circles the building! 
Wheelie in front of one of my favorite collections!

We wondered to the librarian we met inside, Darcy, if educational programs ever took place outside in their environs! She also mentioned one of the things that makes Woodinville unique - patrons – you get 2, 2 hour sessions on the computer instead of 1, 2 hour session like at other branches!

Caterpillar at Woodinville One of the sections we always look at in the libraries is the children’s areas.  I could devote much of my blog to all of the imagination inspiring art that decorates the shelves and walls.  Plus, the kid-sized furniture is absolutely adorable!

In the next few weeks, incredibly, I should log enough libraries to be half-way through my jaunts.  I can’t believe it’s already practically half-over!


Library Map

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