Monday, April 12, 2010

KCLS 2009 Year in Review: A Record-Setting Year of Service

KCLS has just released its 2009 Year in Review. Here’s a summary from KCLS Director, Bill Ptacek:

“In 2009, King County Library System (KCLS) rose to a new challenge: helping patrons find essential information during tough Click to view the KCLS 2009 Year in Revieweconomic times. In addition to maintaining regular standards of service and continuing construction projects, KCLS developed an innovative approach in response to the economic crisis to guide patrons to reliable information when they needed it most. As a result, KCLS not only remained relevant to the lives of everyday people, but drew record crowds. This was the busiest year in the history of KCLS.”

Look to Your Library
To help people facing unemployment, mortgage defaults, business failures and disappearing investments, the "Look to Your Library" program guided people to free library and community resources, including unemployment assistance, job search tools and small business aid. KCLS 2009 Year in Review quote A full week of extended library hours offered in-person coaching on how to find and use library resources. Partnerships across King County with public and nonprofit agencies were established to offer skills classes and other support.

The results were so successful that the Department of Social and Health Services and WorkSource employment resources are expanding our partnership to assist job-seekers. KCLS received widespread recognition for these efforts, garnering three national awards and becoming a role model for the Gates Foundation.

Redmond Library Circulation
Redmond Cluster circulation totals The four libraries in the cluster that Redmond belongs to continue to post impressive circulation numbers. The cluster total for 2009 is almost 2 million! The Redmond Library regularly has the second highest circulation totals (trailing only Bellevue) throughout KCLS.

As Redmond residents, we are indeed fortunate to have such a great community resource.

Redmond Library Board

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