Monday, December 28, 2009

Newest Library Patron

Bellevue Library My husband took the KCLS plunge!  On Saturday, we visited the Bellevue branch so that he could get his first KCLS library card and check out a book on WWII.  He was the fifth person that hour to sign up for a card.

(Sorry Redmond, I would have loved to have him visit our home library, but you didn’t have the book he wanted on the shelf like Bellevue did.  Since he needed a card, we needed to visit the branch in person. But now he can place holds onlineRedmond Library to pick up future picks in Redmond. Note to other board members: please forgive me for bumping up a rival branch’s statistics as I checked out a few books while we were there too!)

While my husband is an avid reader of all things online, “traditional” novels have never been something we’ve held in common. Fortunately, we have a lot of other things we both like to keep the conversation going: music, bowling, and baseball to name a few.  And, at the end of the day, though the library has an amazing amount of other offerings, I still mostly use the library to check out novels.

I’m excited to introduce him to all of the other services the library has to offer. . . particularly the online offerings that are so abundant through the KCLS website.

p.s. It turns out he’s primarily interested in nonfiction history books,  a genre I don’t generally go near.  So, it looks like we still won’t be talking books anytime soon!


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