Sunday, December 13, 2009

Balloons Aglow: The Brightest of the Redmond Lights

One of the most spectacular events of Redmond Lights 2009 was the lighting of the hot air balloons next to Redmond Town Center. Three brightly colored balloons from the Airial Balloon Company in Snohomish created a spectacular light show!

Click for larger view of Redmond Lights balloon glow

The three balloons would alternately fire up their burners for a 5-10 second blast. What a dazzling display of color against the dark of night!

Click for larger view of Redmond Lights balloon glow

Hopefully, the balloons will be back next year.

Redmond Library Board


Bob Yoder said...

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Regarding Balloons Algow at "Winter Lights"...

I loved the balloons but have heard numerous comments from others as well as my own opinion that they should light all three at the same time for better photo shots.


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Daniel Kirkdorffer said...

The photo here shows two of them lit up at the same time: