Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Take Winter by Storm

Take Winter By Storm: downed trees As the windstorm season approaches, Puget Sound Energy urges residents to get prepared and exercise caution and common sense when encountering downed power lines.

As part of Take Winter by Storm campaign, PSE has created a Web site (www.takewinterbystorm.org) that provides information about how to prepare for bad weather and what to do when storms come our way.

December 2006 Windstorm
Many of you may remember the record-breaking windstorm that hit the Pacific Northwest in mid-December 2006. Here are some facts about that windstorm:

   bullet_square Strongest windstorm since January 1993
   bullet_square Wind gusts of 70 mph, according to official record
   bullet_square Local gusts estimated at more than 80 mph (100+ mph in the Cascades)
   bullet_square 1.5 million customers served by Northwest utilities lost power
   bullet_square 700,000 homes and businesses served by PSE lost power
   bullet_square Governor Christine Gregoire requested federal disaster aid for 19 counties

Emergency Preparedness
PSE: shutting off gas procedureOne of the ways you can better prepare for a windstorm or other emergency is to know the shut-off procedure for natural gas service. You can find the steps to take for shutting off both natural gas and electricity at the Emergency Preparedness section of the PSE Web site.

The Take Winter by Storm Web site also provides a Winter Preparation Check List that you can use to build an emergency kit of essentials, as well as a plan for action in the event of an emergency.

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