Saturday, November 21, 2009

Microsoft Commons: It’s a Mall World After All

In April 2009, Microsoft opened The Commons on its new Redmond campus near Highway 520 and NE 40th St. The commons is a complex of restaurants, shops, soccer field, and meeting areas. It’s a popular lunch-time venue for Microsoft employees and their guests.

Microsoft Commons
Microsoft Commons: restaurants The centerpiece of the commons is The Mixer, a two-story building that includes a spinoff of Pike Place Market. In fact, many of the food vendors are local favorites, such as Mayuri, Typhoon, and Acapulco Fresh.

Microsoft Commons: Post Alley Cafee
The Mixer contains large sections of restaurant-style seating. Colorful decor and artwork add to the overall stylish effect.

Microsoft Commons: seating areas
This 106,000-square-foot building also includes a credit union, a post office, several cellular phone providers, and even a sports shop that sells bicycles and snowboards.

Microsoft Commons: Ski and Sport shop
The Gallery 
The Gallery is located in the Submixer, a companion building to The Mixer. The current exhibit is entitled, “Through the Lens: 23 years of Collecting Photography”, and contains photographs from the Microsoft Art Collection.

Microsoft Commons: The Gallery
The Microsoft Art Collection includes almost 5,000 works of art and is displayed in more than 180 buildings throughout the world. The collection emphasizes contemporary art from around the world, displayed for the benefit and enjoyment of Microsoft employees, their guests, and Microsoft customers. The Microsoft Art Collection includes painting, sculpture, works on paper, photographs, ceramics, studio glass, and multimedia works. For more information on Redmond-area events, such as the Artist Lecture Series and Film Series, see Microsoft Art Collection.

Is The Commons open to the public?
No. The Commons restaurants, retail outlets and services are solely for Microsoft employees, vendors and Microsoft sponsored events. Microsoft employees may bring guests to the campus and The Commons, but all Microsoft badge security requirements apply. Guests will be required to register and obtain a name badge available at The Commons and any building receptionist.

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Vimala said...

I was at the Commons yesterday! The preperations for the Winter Wonderland is on it's way. This is a wonderful place to meet, eat and work.