Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Bridge for Redmond: The NE 36th Street Overpass

WSDOT To accommodate the expected increase in traffic in the Overlake area, Microsoft and the City of Redmond are building an overpass across SR 520 to connect NE 36th Street with NE 31st Street. Construction is expected to begin in the winter of 2008 with completion in the spring of 2010.

The bridge opened Dec 15, 2010. For details and photos, see the posting, Redmond Joins the Rotary Club: Completing the NE 36th St Bridge

The following image shows the bridge design — notice the landscaped lids that are offset along the edges of the overpass:

NE 36th Street bridge design

The 480’ long overpass will connect the east and west sides of the Microsoft campus, allowing for easier traffic flow on campus and in the surrounding communities. The overpass will have one lane in each direction, a bicycle lane, and landscaped pedestrian walkways. A connecting pathway will provide convenient pedestrian access to the Overlake Transit Center. The overpass also provides a connector to the bike trail that runs along 520.

The area around NE 31st Street and 152nd Avenue NE will be closed during construction.

NE 36th Bridge map location

For more information, including ongoing traffic impact, see the Washington State Department of Transportation project page SR 520 – NE 36th St Overpass.

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