Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dear Bellevue Library Parking Garage

Dear Bellevue Library Parking Garage,

We will miss your library patrons!  Today, your glorious new parking structure officially opened.  A vision in concrete and steel, and with 362 parking spaces, your abundance will be appreciated by all those that park their buggies within. We cannot wait to see you grow your living walls and adorn yourself with fabulous local art – thanks to Northwest artist Buster Simpson!

In true fantastic form, the King County Library System celebrated your addition with a great show.  A car show, that is.  With help from the LeMay America’s Car Museum, Porsche Club of American Pacific Northwest, and Mother Nature’s beautiful blue sky this morning, I would judge your introduction to the community a success.

We wish you only the very best.


Redmond Library Parking Lot

Bellevue Library Parking Garage Entrance

Buick Eight

Dodge Charger

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Adorable post! Thanks!