Sunday, March 17, 2013

Redesigned Events Calendar Online!

The King County Library System has an amazing variety of programming each month at their libraries, and their new events website makes it much easier to find topics that you might find interesting and relevant.



Want to see only programs designed for a certain age group or popular topic? Use the buttons at the top to quickly filter the upcoming events.

Want to see only programs at a specific library?  Use the filter on the left hand side to select your library.

My favorite view is the monthly view! If this existed before on the old site, I never figured it out.  At a glance you can see events across the month that might be of interest. 

Partial Monthly View

Clicking on an event brings you to the event description where you can use the icons at the top to add to your calendar, send an email to a friend, or like on Facebook.

Calendar Options

And speaking of events, stay tuned for more information about the KCLS series A Place at the Table!


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