Friday, May 25, 2012

Carnegie Libraries on a Shoestring: A DIY Nano-Library Guide

What happens when you cross a birdhouse with a lending library?

Little Free Library: nano-library
You get a nano-library!

The Little Free Library project is a national program whose goal is to create thousands of nano-libraries to promote literacy and community involvement. Today, there are over 700 nano-libraries in 45 states and 20 foreign countries, including Ghana, England, and Germany. Click here for a map showing all locations.

The Little Free Library movement started three years when Todd Bol, of Hudson, Wis., built the first nano-library to look like a one-room schoolhouse in memory of his mother, a teacher. Since then, people have created a hundreds of different designs – many are showcased in the Little Free Libraries Galleries.

Little Free Library: gallery

If you want to build a nano-library, the project’s Web site provides a Build a Little Library section, complete with building plans.


There only 8 nano-libraries in Washington state, so go ahead think big and build small.

Redmond Library Board


Kathleen said...

I love this!! Thank you for providing so many interesting stories on this blog. How do you find them all?

Kathleen said...

I love this!! Thanks for all the interesting stories that you post on this blog. The variety is wonderful!

Redmond Library Board of Trustees said...

Thanks for your comments, Kathleen. Glad you've enjoyed reading the blog postings. Jamie and I come across all sorts of interesting tidbits in our daily lives and want to share them with others.