Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Library: Center of Derby Days Action! (IMO)

Chances are, if you visited the 71st Annual Derby Days last weekend, you passed the Redmond Library.  The parade route led by, vendors had booths set up in the shared parking lot with City Hall, and it was only (a few) steps away from the firefighter’s pancake breakfast.

I borrowed the bike rack at the library to park my wheels, arriving early enough that I was the first person to lock up there.  Bike secured, it was off to support the Redmond Firefighter’s Benevolent Fund and enjoy eggs, sausage, and M&M pancakes. 

Mmmm, Breakfast!

I finished breakfast just in time to find a spot for the start of the parades.  It’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen the Kids’ Parade but I think it’s safe to say it was very, very well attended.  The children, and their adorable costumes, just kept coming!  Our neighbors took part and the pictures I snapped of them look like a “Where’s Waldo” photo. Following all of the cute tikes on trikes and bikes, the Grand Parade included approximately 50 entries (I think) and the All City Marching Band/Seattle School District took top honors.  However, my favorite, of course, was the Redmond Library entry!

Library2Go Van Rounding Parade Corner

After the parades, I perused the booths before heading back to the library to extract my bike from the pile at the rack. (so much harder going home…one of these days I’ll be able to bike back up the Puget Power Trail to Education Hill from the Sammamish River Trail….) I hope that you and yours were able to enjoy the community festivities and stop by the library to see all that it has to offer too! If you missed the parades, you can catch the replay on RCTV.

p.s. The fireworks were rescheduled for this Friday.  Head down early to enjoy music by Leroy Bell and Doctor Funk!


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