Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Rural Life: King County’s Scenic Small Towns

The King County Web site has recently uploaded several short videos on the scenic small towns of Snoqualmie, Fall City, and Duvall.

Northern Pacific logo on an old train car The city of Snoqualmie is best known as the home to Snoqualmie Falls and the Northwest Railway Museum. Until recently, logging and Weyerhaeuser's milling operations were the mainstays of the local economy. Currently, the city's scenic and recreational attractions are fostering the growth of a growing tourism industry.

Fall City
Located 26 miles east of Seattle on I-90, Fall City sits at the confluence of the Snoqualmie River and the Raging River. In the early days of the automobile, Fall City was a popular stopping off point for travelers going across Snoqualmie Pass. These days, travelers head to the stunning collection of tree houses at Treehouse Point.

The town of Duvall was named after Francis and James Duvall, who were early settlers of the area in the 1870s. Railroads and logging were the main industry of the town until the 1930s. After that, dairy farming took on a greater role. Today, Duvall is known for the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, which is popular with bicyclists and walkers.

For more info on rural areas in King County, see Rural services.

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