Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meet the Author: Samantha Vamos

Illustration from Before You Were Here, Mi AmorOn Tuesday March 22nd at noon, meet Samantha Vamos, whose most recently published children’s book is The Cazuela That the Farm Maiden Stirred. Join us at the Redmond Library, where you’ll get to chat with the author, look at early illustrations for her books, and watch a short movie on being an author. You’ll even get to take home an activity sheet.
Ages: preschool and older

The Cazuela That the Farm Maiden Stirred
  When a farm girl starts cooking, all the animals want to help. The cow contributes milk, the hen offers eggs, and even the duck makes a special trip to the market.

The Cazuela That the Farm Maiden StirredWhile the pot is bubbling merrily on the stove, everyone dances and sings - but who is watching the cazuela? Samantha R. Vamos and Rafael López serve up a spicy tribute to the classic nursery rhyme "The House That Jack Built" in this bilingual celebration of community and food.

Watch the trailer:

For more information on Samantha Vamos, see About Samantha.

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sam said...

How wonderful. I'm really looking forward to coming to the Redmond Library and sharing "The Cazuela That The Farm Maiden Stirred." Thank you for this terrific post! - Samantha Vamos