Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jaime’s KCLS Jaunt #36: Vashon

Go West!Oh, how lucky were we on Saturday!?  I’ve always thought that September was one of the most beautiful months in the Pacific Northwest, but the weather we had been having at the beginning of the month gave me doubts.  However, Saturday made up for every other yucky day we’ve had!

Wheelie on Life Ring The journey to the Vashon branch starts with a drive to West Seattle, a 20 minute ferry ride, and then a short drive towards the center of island to the community of Vashon.  It’s practically an entire adventure in and of itself to arrive “all the way” there from Redmond!  It was my first trip to Vashon and it seems I’m only on a ferry once or twice a year, so it was a treat for me to make the trek.

Wheelie at Vashon Saturday also happened to be one of the first days that the new KCLS catalog went live.  We managed to snag Ursula at the information desk for a few minutes while she was in-between assisting patrons with the new catalog.  She gave us a few updates about the upcoming expansion of the library as well as a few details like when and how the books Puppets! arrived at Vashon. (A lucky courier service makes the ferry trip to Vashon from the mainland 6 days a week.) As we made our way to the exit, we did our part to support the Friends of the Vashon Library – they had very cute tee shirts for sale and a page-a-day book lover’s 2011 calendar.  All of us walked away with one or two or three of something!

In our continuing effort to support the local economy, we headed off to lunch at The Hardware Store.  It was one of the most recommended places to dine and within easy walking distance from the library. It took us a little time to get there though, as we made stops at Bob’s Bakery and the Farmer’s Market along the way! After lunch, Lorin played tour guide to Chris, I, and our spouses for a little island tour before we headed back to the ferry and points east.

This picture really has nothing to do with the library, but I just want to illustrate how picturesque the entire day on Vashon Island unfolded. (This was technically taken from the adjacent Maury Island at Point Roberts, but you get the idea!)

Mt Rainier and Boats


Library Map

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