Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What’s that on my Windshield: A Children's Guide to Splattered Bugs

As I was filling up my car at a Union 76 gas station in Maple Valley recently, Crane fly (flattened) I noticed a poster that showed a colorful collection of windshield victims. The poster was entitled, A children’s guide to splattered bugs. Actually, this was pretty fascinating reading — definitely more interesting than reading about how to apply for a Union 76 gas card!

A children's guide to splattered bugs

Loosen up, while you fill up
On another part of the gas station was a poster showing a number of easy-to-do exercises while filling up your tank. While I didn’t do any of the exercises, it did keep me from going into the mini-mart for Cheetos and a Dr. Pepper

Loosen up, while you fill up

Who knew gas stations could be so educational!

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Anonymous said...

In California, our illustrious State Fire Marshall decided that pump latches (you know, the little clip that holds the pump on while you're not holding it) are dangerous. So, we can read this sign while pining away for exercise as we hold the pump because if you let go it stops pumping and...well you can see our dilemma.