Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jaime’s Jaunt Through KCLS

I hope that the first few weeks of 2010 are bringing you good fortune!  This year, I’ve pledged to visit all of the branches of the King Count Library System and blog about my adventures.  It’ll work out to be about 4 branches a month.

My “a-ha!” moment came one day as I was perusing the KCLS branch map. I was startled to realize how few communities I’ve stepped foot into in King County!  As an avid traveler (4 continents and counting. . .), I thought it was a shame that I hadn’t yet journeyed much through my own backyard.

While I hope that I’ll have another board member or two as a companion on some of my trips, I’ll never be alone.  I’d like to introduce to you Wheelie Wel-Red!Wheelie Wel-Red!Above, you can see him braving the weekend weather as we head into the Redmond Library. . .checking off the home branch as the first in our list.  Like me, he’s an intrepid explorer and ready to learn all about the wonderful communities that KCLS serves! While we are visiting each library, we also plan to visit another local establishment or two along the way so that we can continue to connect to each community.

I hope that you’ll keep checking back to join me in my adventures. . .or better yet, visit a few KCLS branches yourself!


p.s. Stay tuned for my next blog post – Muckleshoot and Auburn Libraries, here I come! 


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