Sunday, September 27, 2009

Redmond Traffic Cameras and Traffic Maps

You can now view all 16 Redmond traffic cameras from the City of Redmond's Traffic Cameras Web page. The traffic camera images are updated every 60 seconds. Here’s the current view from the traffic camera at the intersection of Redmond Way and Avondale Way:

Redmond Traffic Camera

The Redmond traffic cameras are mounted at key entrances to the city, as well as in the core downtown area:

Redmond Traffic Cameras

Redmond Traffic Maps
You can also view traffic flow for major arterial roads in Redmond by using Google Maps, which uses a red-yellow-green color scheme to show traffic flow. The traffic flow map below shows the intersection of 520 and Redmond Way:

Google Maps: Redmond Traffic Flow

You can also show a prediction of traffic flow for a particular day of the week and hour of the day. Click the change link in the upper right panel of the Google traffic map:

Google Maps: Displaying Traffic Flow Prediction

The panel allows you to display the predicted traffic flow based on day of the week and hour of the day:

Google Maps: Setting Traffic Flow Prediction

Here’s the predicted traffic flow for Mondays at 6:00pm. As you might expect, it’s slow going at the end of 520:

Google Maps: Redmond Traffic Flow Prediction

Other Traffic Cameras
You find other traffic cameras in Washington State at:

King County
Seattle Area
Snoqualmie Pass
Washington State Ferries

Redmond Library Board

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