Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Your Local Library Probably Has A/C

Not only is the recent record-breaking heat wave a challenge for the 87% of Pacific Northwesterners that don't have A/C in their homes, it can be expensive!

sunny Several of my friends have been complaining that not only has it been hot (did anyone else drive by Redmond's Banner Bank and see their sign register 121 degrees?!), they are spending a lot more money to stay cool - eating out every meal, going to the movies, and going to the bookstore.

Join 2,300 of your neighbors and beat the heat for free at Redmond Regional!  Normally, the library averages 1,400-1,500 visitors per day. As the temperature steadily climbed, so did door counts at the library: Monday over 1900 and Tuesday over 2,200. Last Wednesday, with all-time temperature highs, Redmond Regional was also breaking its own record - 2,305 patrons!

Redmond Library

Read a book, participate in one of the library's many programs, and enjoy free wi-fi.  You might just need to bring your own chair!


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