Friday, June 12, 2009

Read. Flip. Win.

Read. Flip. Win.

More proof that good books make good "TV". . .the King County Library System is again hosting its summer contest for teens - Video Book Reviews. The King County Library System Foundation sponsors this event.

Middle/junior high to high school students are invited to read a great book and then create and post a short (up to 3 minutes) review or trailer to the book. Grand prize winning teens will take home Flip Video Cameras!

A selection of recent entries are posted as they are submitted in June and July - check out the 2008 winners! KCLS embraces Web 2.0 technologies like Facebook and YouTube to host this event - a great way to "partner" with other free services to make participation in this event as easy as possible.

Complete rules for entry are on the KCLS website.


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