Saturday, May 23, 2009

Woodland Park Zoo: The New Penguin Exhibit

Humboldt penguin The penguins at the Woodland Park Zoo have a new home. The Humboldt penguin's new 17,000 square-foot exhibit re-creates the penguins' native habitat in Peru, and includes shoreline cliffs, waves, and rocky pools. A 30-foot-long glass barrier allows zoo visitors to watch the penguins swim and play underwater, or waddle around on land. 

The following video from the Woodland Park Zoo introduces you to the penguin's new home:

For more info on the new penguin exhibit, see more colorful than ever.

A Whimsical Online Zoo
If you can’t visit the Woodland Park Zoo, you may want to visit the online Switcheroo Zoo. Design your own animals in Switcheroo Zoo by selecting heads, bodies, and tails from 142 creatures. There are also plenty of fun facts about the creatures in the collection. Here’s my version of a “donkey”:

 Switcheroo Zoo donkey

and my version of a “cat”:

Switcheroo Zoo cat

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