Wednesday, December 24, 2008

3 Days, 3 Ways: How to Prepare for an Emergency

First Aid Kit 3 Days, 3 Ways, Are You Ready? is a public awareness campaign that helps families and communities prepare for emergencies and disasters. 3 Days — that’s the minimum number of days you should be ready to survive on your own following a disaster. 3 Ways — that’s the number of steps you need to follow to be prepared:

Step 1Make a plan
Step 2Build a kit
Step 3Get involved

The 3Days3Ways Web site provides a wealth of resources on disaster and emergency planning, specifically targeted for residents of Washington state.

Emergency Resource Guide
Emergency Resource Guide The 2008 version of the Washington State Emergency Resource Guide is available for download in both English and Spanish. This 48-page guide provides practical advice for preparing your household for emergencies, such as learning how to shut off your water, gas, and electricity. The guide is also available in print at no cost from the Washington State Printer’s General Store Web site. Click here for more info.

Redmond Emergency Info
For up-to-date info on winter storms and other emergencies, check the City of Redmond’s Emergency Web page.

Redmond Library Board

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